Monday, March 19, 2007

The Book Review:

STAT BOOK TREATS FOR ALL: The 2006 ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia and More
Facts, figures, factoids, tables, charts, numbers . . .if all of these are your game - you have come to the right place.

"The 2006 ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia" edited by Gary Gilette and Pete Palmer (Sterling Publishing, $24.95, 1760 pages) is a grand slam collection of everything baseball.
Also from Sterling is "All-New Baseball Brainteasers" by Michael Morse ((9.95, 160 pages) - -a book that has all the questions and all the answers about 60 challenging rules situations that took place in real-life big league baseball games.

From Acta Sports comes "How Bill James Changes Our View of Baseball" edited by Gregory Augustine Pierce ($19.95, 144 pages), a no holds barred outright bit of homage to James and "The New Ball Game" by Glenn Guzzo ($14.95, 160 pages) a primer on old time baseball stats and several new fangled ones.

"The Bill James Handbook" features Ryan Howard on the cover, by Bill Jamesby and Baseball Info Solutions ($21.95, 480 pages) is a mother lode of Jamesian baseball knowledge and insights complete with stats, registers, projections - you're going to love it.

And two more from Acta Sports are "The Fielding Bible" by John Dewan and Baseball Info Solutions ($19.95, 241 pages) (features Miguel Tejada on the cover) and "The Hardball Times Baseball Annual" ($29.95, 352 pages). The usual suspects cover the usual subject matter and a lot more.

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