Monday, September 08, 2008

THE BOOK REVIEW: Babe Ruth: Remembering the Bambino in Stories, Photos and Memorabilia

If you are looking for book for browsing, for studying, for coffee table placement, for ogling - Babe Ruth: Remembering the Bambino in Stories, Photos and Memorabilia by Julia Ruth (one of the Babe's granddaughters and Bill Gilbert (talented author who has been around the baseball block quite a few times) is the book for you. Reasonably priced at $35.00, hardcover, 176 pages with 125 photos and illustrations and 10 removable facsimiles this terrific tome is a keeper.

The facsimiles themselves are worth the price - -they include the Babe's birth certificate, his contract with the Red Sox for 1916 and 1917, a five cent scorecard from opening day at Braves Field in Boston, a movie program for the 1948 film "The Babe Ruth Story."

"The End of Baseball" by Peter Schilling, Jr. (Ivan R. Dee, 352 pages, $25.00) is an imaginative, thought-provoking novel. It puts forward Bill Veeck returning from the Army with one leg missing after Guadalcanal. He becomes the owner of the Philadelphia Athletics and gets rid of white players and stocks his roster with Negro League stars. The book is fiction but is created against a backdrop of real life characters. Just a terrific read!

"Dark Side of the Diamond" by Roger Abrams (Rounder, $24.95, 216 pages) is a look into the sordid habits, misdeeds, bad guy instincts of famous flawed baseball notables like John J. McGraw, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Pete Rose, Barry Bonds and others.

It is as its sub-title says about "gambling, violence, drugs and alcoholism in the national pastime.
"Warrior Girls" by Michael Sokolove (Simon and Schuster, $25.00, 308 pages) is all about a first class job of investigative reporting into injuries in women's sports. The book is as timely a today's headlines and long overdue.


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