Friday, August 10, 2012

Boston Red Sox (Sort Of) Ultimate Quiz for Diehard Fans (II)

       For all of you out there who think you know your baseball especially Boston Red Sox baseball—this is the quiz for you. With a tip of the BoSox cap to John Quinn and Dave Martin who know the score.
        Fifteen questions. Answers follow the questions, so no peeking. A score of nine or more correct makes you a major leaguer. Below that you are in the minors but on your way up.
        Warning: there is one trick question.
        Have fun.
        And if you want to really participate, there will be Red Sox Quiz III - send in some questions and answers and perhaps they will make it into print.
1. Five Red Sox players have won the batting title two or more times. Four of them are Ted Williams, Wade Boggs, Pete Runnels and Nomar Garciaparra. Who is the fifth?
a. Dom DiMaggio  b. Jim Rice c. Carl Yastrzemski d. Fred Lynn
2. Who was the first Red Sox player to officially have his number retired?  a. Babe Ruth  b. Ted Williams c. Joe Cronin d. Bobby Doerr
3. Which onetime Red Sox player is 1 of 2 players to play for a record six different playoff teams?
a. David Wells b. Bill Mueller c. Dennis Eckersley d. Rickey Henderson
4. Which Red Sox pitcher holds the record for most home runs allowed in a season, with 38?
a. Roger Clemens b. Tim Wakefield c. Josh Beckett d. Mel Parnell
5. Who is the only Red Sox player to have two 20 home run/20 stolen base seasons?
a. Nomar Garciaparra b. Dom DiMaggio c. Jackie Jensen
d. Jim Rice
6. Who was the first man to manage both the Pawtucket Red Sox and Boston Red Sox?
a. Dick Williams b. Butch Hobson c. Jimy Williams d. Darrell Johnson
7. Who was Harry Frazee?
a. third baseman in the 1920s  b. manager in the 40s
c. pitcher in the 60s d. owner in the teens of 20th century
8. What was the highest uniform number ever worn by a Red Sox player?
a. 40  b.56    c. 82    d. 100
9.  Whose retired number is 6?
a. Johnny Pesky b. Bobby Doerr c. Dom DiMaggio d. Walt Dropo
10.Who was an eight-time gold glove outfielder who played 19 of his 20 Major League seasons with the Boston Red Sox.
a. Ted Williams b. Jackie Jensen c. Sam Mele d. Jimmy Piersall
11  Who pitched the First no-hitter in Red Sox history?
a. Lefty Grove  b. Rube Foster  c. Boo Ferris d. Smoky Joe Wood
12    Who were the “Golden Outfielders”?
13  Who was the “Golden Greek” ?
14  Who were the “Gold Dust” twins?
15  Who were the “Gold Sox” ?
1  c
2  b
3  a
4  b
5 c
6 d
7 d
8 c  (worn by Johnny Lazor)
9 a
10 d
11  a Rube Foster vs. NY, 2-0, 6/21/1916.
12  Duffy Lewis, Tris Speaker and Harry Hooper
13 Harry Agganis
14  Jim Rice and Fred Lynn
15  In the 1950s, Tom Yawkey spent a lot to create a winner.

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